The Sound Bath Experience       7:00 pm

     $15 per person

     $25 per couple

     $40 per family


The "Sound Bath" is sound meditation using Metal bowls merging with Crystal bowls adding Native American flutes, mantras, gongs, drumming, chimes and other various instruments melting all into a unique blend of vibrational bliss!

Chad Davis is a world-renowned muralist and scenic artist, having created pieces for hospitals, movies, television, theater and many other organizations. Awakened to the healing vibrations of the bowls nearly 4 years ago as he went through a Major shift in his life, Chad now enjoys sharing the gifts that were given to him! He conducts public/private sessions as well as workshops here in Salt Lake City. He recently teamed up with Curtis Forbush and the Wonderful sounds of the Crystal Bowls.

Curtis Forbush has been a student of Spirituality and Healing modalities for over 25 years studying and learning about many different paths. He calls his healing work Vibrational and Energetic Alchemy which encompasses many healing modalities including Shamanism, Quantum Touch, Crystals, Reiki, Salka, Sound and Vibration. He does private individual healing sessions and group Crystal Bowl Meditations as well as Home & Office Energetic Cleansing. He has also joined with Chad Davis in creating the Magic of The Sound Bath Experience.